I knew I was in trouble when I let the stray dog stay inside. I knew that he looked a little rough around the edges but my heart was too big to ignore him. I knew that when his slimy cock got hard as he watched me that I should’ve done something. But I didn’t. Because deep inside I wanted to be dominated by him. So when I left the shower and “coincidentally” dropped the towel as he lay there watching me, I wasn’t surprised when he pounced on my vulnerable body. His hot breath panted against my ear as his hips thrust eagerly in order to sink into my slick heat. My hand found his cock and guided it into my throbbing pussy. I thrust back as he thrust into my and soon the two animals were rutting as they should—bonding on a baser level in order to procreate the world. My clit was smacked by his balls repeatedly and before I knew it I was screaming out in orgasm as his knot stuck in me as he filled me with his cum. As we came down from the high we kneeled together, tied by his knot. Our hot sessions continued for weeks. I was now living the life of a bitch—and I wouldn’t have it any other way.