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Just hanging with daddy. — January 5, 2017

Just hanging with daddy.

Daddy says “ what u up to lil munchkin , come kneel for me” of course no question I come and kneel for Daddy expecting anything…his simply instructions were…. “ tell me about your day” 😍😍 this man has a girl always on her toes even by saying that and always feeling some type of way, I couldn’t be more grateful

Obsessed with my daddy’s cock —
My lovely brother —

My lovely brother

Whenever he has a bad day. He comes to me. I comfort him by taking his big cock all the way in. 

Drawing so hard, it doesn’t take long before I make him come, emptying his nuts like sucking a slurpee out of a straw. hungrily draining every last drop of protein that I could devour. 

Me and the stray dog. — January 4, 2017

Me and the stray dog.

I knew I was in trouble when I let the stray dog stay inside. I knew that he looked a little rough around the edges but my heart was too big to ignore him. I knew that when his slimy cock got hard as he watched me that I should’ve done something. But I didn’t. Because deep inside I wanted to be dominated by him. So when I left the shower and “coincidentally” dropped the towel as he lay there watching me, I wasn’t surprised when he pounced on my vulnerable body. His hot breath panted against my ear as his hips thrust eagerly in order to sink into my slick heat. My hand found his cock and guided it into my throbbing pussy. I thrust back as he thrust into my and soon the two animals were rutting as they should—bonding on a baser level in order to procreate the world. My clit was smacked by his balls repeatedly and before I knew it I was screaming out in orgasm as his knot stuck in me as he filled me with his cum. As we came down from the high we kneeled together, tied by his knot. Our hot sessions continued for weeks. I was now living the life of a bitch—and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Filling all holes —
My friend’s Dad —

My friend’s Dad

My friend’s dad, John always gave me a ride home from school. Audra and I rode home from school with him every day for three days uneventfully. But it was the day that Audra was home sick and John came to pick me up anyway that things went awry. He was driving me home, like usual with the radio up. It was playing Snoop Dog and I was rapping along with the music when he turned off the main road and onto Grassy Lane Parkway. There was nothing on that street at all.
“Hey, where are you going?” I asked.
“You’ll see,” he said. He pulled the car to the side of the road and he told me to get out. “Take off your shirt and your bra,” he commanded.

“NO! Fuck you!” I said.

“Do it, Cassidy or I’ll fucking make you.” His eyes looked wild and scary and so I did as he asked. I knew he was going to rape me. Everything about him told me that was what he wanted. He grabbed my tits roughly, pinching my nipples. “Now take off your panties. Leave the skirt on!”
“Fine,” I said and I took off my pink panties with little hearts on them and threw them into the car window towards the passenger seat.

“Bend over. I’m going to fuck you,” he told me, flipping up my plaid skirt. I already knew that, but I bent over for him and waited for him to push his dick into me. I tried to think of other things, of puppies and kittens and the color purple. I thought of sparkles and donuts and all the things I loved, but the moment he pushed his cock all the way into me everything changed.

“Fuck, you feel good, Cassidy. Your cunt is so tight.” He moaned as he fucked me and my pussy was responding to his thrusts. I couldn’t help it. I started to scream, not in fear or upset, but in ecstasy.

“You feel good too!” I said. “Fuck me harder!” I screamed.

“Oh yeah? You like this, you little slut?”
“Yeah! Pull my hair too!” I said and I stuck my pussy out for him and smiled as he grabbed my hair and began to pull it.
“Spank me!” I screamed as I came and I came even harder once the spankings began. He fucked me hard and fast and I was loving every second. This was so much better than the sex I’d been having with other guys my own age. His cock was bigger and fatter and I could tell he was more hungry for my pussy than any guy I’d ever fucked.


“Yes, Cassidy! I always knew you were a little slut!”

“I’m a slut! I’m a slut! Fuck meeeeee!” I screamed. He came in my pussy at that point, dumping a nice, juicy load in me. He pulled his cock out of me.

“Let me clean you,” I said, dropping to my knees, my school girl skirt draped over my hips as his cum dripped from my pussy onto the dirt below where I crouched. I sucked all of my pussy juices off of his cock, making sure to lick and suck on both of his balls, just so he knew what kind of slut he was really dealing with.

“God, I thought I was raping you,” he told me. “But now I see you can’t be raped. You’re a willing, little slut, aren’t you?”
“Yep,” I said as I wrapped my mouth around both of his balls and sucked. I worked his cock with my hand, getting him hard again.

“Want to pretend to rape me again?” I asked him. “I can play victim if you want.”

“Of course, little slut. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t even fucking walk.”
I giggled. “I hope so!”

Daddy Punished Me —

Daddy Punished Me

“What. Did. You. Do?!”

“I-I mhmm oohh.. I-I played with my cunny without asking Daddy’s permission”

“And what does that make you?!”

“I-it makes me a naughty bad little girl, Daddy”

“And what does that mean?!”

“It… it means that I need to be punished for being a bad girl.. it means that Daddy should discipline me as he sees fit”

“That is right, little slut.. your little body deserves to be punished”

Daddy —


One night, daddy crept into my room, crawled into my bed, fingered me, and licked my pussy until I woke up, he pounded my pussy, and when he was ready to cum, he whimpered into my ears and then grunted like a wild animal until he came deep inside me and all over me.